Yield Farming

An overview of Yield Farming products used by the Pool Party Nodes community.

Yield Farming

“Insert Lendingblock, the leading cryptocurrency lending platform in the space by risk management, wallet/fund security, and the most secure APY available by any CeFi lending platform in the industry. 

Given that Lendingblock is the most experienced asset manager in the lending industry, their CEO Steve Swain first acquired an institutional lending license before beginning also to serve retail clients. This license allows a user of the retail product access to premium product benefits usually only reserved for institutional players.”

How to Stake REX CD Tokens

Here is a quick temporary guide on how to Stake REX Certified Deposit tokens.
(Full Guide Coming Soon)

More Details on REX here: https://richardharder.medium.com/the-basics-of-rex-5c3faf7164e7

“As part of our mission to help support the decentralized networks which make up the BPSAA, we have set up our first IPFS Etho Protocol Pool. Using Pecunia node service was an extremely simple and cost-efficient way to help support their network.

Moving forward we will be doing the technical research behind all projects in the BPSAA and hopefully setting as many nodes as possible within the ecosystem.”

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