Heroes of Mavia Leveling Guide

Ultimate Guide to Leveling Up and Building Bases in Heroes of Mavia

Heroes of Mavia has captured the attention of gamers around the world with its engaging blend of strategy and blockchain technology. Whether you’re a seasoned Clash of Clans player or a newcomer to this mobile game style, mastering this Heroes of Mavia Leveling Guide for leveling up is crucial for success. In this guide, we’ll walk you through essential strategies and tips to enhance your gameplay in Heroes of Mavia.

Building Your Base

Choosing the Right Location

  • Strategic Positioning: Choose a location that offers natural defences such as building on the edge of your base’s limits. This can provide a natural advantage against attacks from enemies.

Layout and Defense

  • Layered Defense: Construct multiple layers of walls protecting key buildings ideally with a funnel for enemy ground troops where you want most of your AOE defenses targeting the funnelled entrance.
  • Balanced Layout: Distribute your resources and key buildings evenly to prevent enemies from crippling your resource flow by targeting a single area.
  • Headquarters: Depending on your headquarters level you can opt to keep your HQ in an offensive position outside your base. This will cost you trophies but also provide you with better resource defence & easier shields after each enemy attack. If climbing the trophies ranks is your priority then keep it in the center of your base with your hero.

Upgrading Structures

Priority List

If you want to minimize resource loss levelling to max HQ I strongly suggest you always try to spend down either your gold or oil when aiming for an expensive upgrade to reduce the chance of being attacked by stronger opponents. This should be your upgrading priority list upon reaching a new headquarters level so you can efficiently level your base to the maximum level.

  1. Research Center
  2. Main Attack Troops / Hero
  3. AOE Defenses
  4. Troop Camps Capacity
  5. Resource Gatherers
  6. Remaining Defenses
  7. Walls

This website has a directory of potential Mavia bases you can build for each headquarters level. Alternatively, you can always use the in-game trophies leaderboard to view any other players’ bases build.

Heroes of Mavia Leveling Guide

Levelling Up Your Profile

Completing Missions and Challenges

Doing these tasks has a high probability of earning you bonus in-game rubies which are exchangeable for Mavia web3 NFT products. (Some of these features haven’t been released yet)

  • Daily Missions: These are quick sources of XP and resources. Ensure you complete these missions daily to maximize your growth rate.
  • Campaign Missions: Engaging in campaign missions can provide substantial rewards and also help you to understand various aspects of the game better. They are also doable without losing your shield. This can help you get the necessary missing resources for that difficult upgrade you’re aiming for.

Participating in Events

  • Special Events: Heroes of Mavia frequently hosts events that offer unique challenges and rewards. Participation in these events not only boosts your experience but also provides special items that can enhance your gameplay.
Heroes of Mavia Leveling Guide

Advanced Strategies

Resource Management

  • Efficient Use of Resources: Always plan your resource use wisely, especially when it comes to building and upgrading. Ensure you’re investing in improvements that offer the most immediate benefits to your base’s defense and resource-gathering capabilities.
  • Resource Protection: Keep your main AOE defensive buildings upgraded to protect your resources from enemy raids effectively.

Analyzing Opponent Bases

  • Scout Wisely: Before launching an attack, scout to gather as much information as possible about your opponent’s base layout and defences. This can help you tailor your attack strategy to exploit their weaknesses depending on the army you trained.

Continuous Learning

Joining Alliances

  • Team Play: Joining an alliance can accelerate your levelling up by providing the necessary friendly advice to use during attacks and defences. Alliances also enable access to alliance-only events and missions which are great for gathering extra resources, rubies and XP.

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Installing Mavia: (Android or Mac) Once the game is installed navigate to the Alliances tab to join our @poolpartynodes Mavia Alliance.

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Conclusion to our Heroes of Mavia Leveling Guide

Mastering Heroes of Mavia requires strategic planning, quick decision-making, and active community engagement. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a formidable commander in the world of Mavia. Remember, every decision counts in this dynamic game environment, so plan wisely, collaborate with allies, and adapt to the ever-changing battlefield!

Explore more strategies and join the community discussions to share your experiences and learn from veteran players. Happy gaming!

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