Pool Party Nodes launches Official Cryptocurrency Merchandise & Apparel Shop

Pool Party Nodes launches Official Cryptocurrency Merchandise & Apparel Shop

  • We have opened our Official Cryptocurrency Merchandise Apparel E-commerce shop business. Here you can find apparel related to some of your favorite cryptocurrency projects as well as projects we contribute or run nodes on. Our mission is to help market and promote our favorite cryptocurrency projects and the entire industry as a whole. By having people wearing hats, shirts, accessories & more with the logos from their favorite cryptocurrency projects you can help spread awareness to the world that they exist. Besides looking cool while educating your family & friends about cryptocurrency is always a bonus!

    We currently have items available for several public projects! List below

    1. Bitcoin
    2. Ethereum
    3. BPSAA
    4. Piratechain
    5. Ether-1
    6. Turtle Network
    7. Sentinel VPN
    8. Komodo
    9. Ergo
    10.  Polygon
      + More

    Furthermore, you can stay up to date with all the latest Pool Party Node details here:


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