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Welcome to our Crypto Airdropping Hub. Here you will find the most lucrative airdropping opportunities researched by us and currently active in the cryptoverse. A list of featured, active and past airdrops will be available as well as a beginners’ guide to getting started tracking down free crypto easily convertible to Bitcoin, Ethereum or cash!

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Beginner's guide to Crypto Airdrops

How to participate in Crypto Airdrops 

Here you will find our guide on how to get started and, requirements for participating and receiving your airdrop. We will also show you how to convert your rewards back into highly liquid cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum which can even convert back to cash if needed.

(Airdrops tasks are easiest to perform on desktop computers but most are possible with mobile devices which we will provide video guides for soon)

Usual Requirements

  1. A reliable crypto wallet like Rabby Wallet or Metamask
  2. Your email address
  3. Twitter Account
  4. Some technical skills for more advanced tasks

Do you want to start learning the secrets of crypto aidrop farming? 

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Crypto Airdrops
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Beginner’s guide to Crypto Airdrops: Your Ticket to Unbelievable Wealth!

Have you ever stumbled upon a surprise bonus in your crypto wallet? If you haven’t then you need this beginner’s guide to Crypto Airdrops. For ...
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Jupiter Crypto Airdrop Distribution
Closed Crypto Airdrops

Jupiter Crypto Airdrop Distribution: Millionaires Made Overnight?

Diving into the world of the Jupiter Crypto Airdrop Distribution, I’ve researched what makes it a game-changer in the DeFi space. This event wasn’t just ...
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Uniswap Airdrop
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Missed the 2000$ Uniswap Airdrop? Here’s How to Not Miss the Next Big Crypto Giveaway!

In the ever-evolving world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Uniswap stands as a notable player, revolutionizing the way we think about cryptocurrency trading and liquidity. The ...
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Jito Crypto Airdrop
Closed Crypto Airdrops

Jito Crypto Airdrop Secret: How Smart Investors Capitalized on 1000$+ Free Money!

Crypto airdrops have become a buzzword in the digital currency world, offering a unique way for blockchain projects to boost user engagement and distribute tokens. ...
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Pool Party Nodes was established in 2020 and continues evolving with the crypto industry.

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