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Pool Party Nodes Blockchain Gaming NFT tokens

Welcome to our upcoming Pool Party Nodes Blockchain Gaming NFT tokens hub. Here you will find the latest information about our progress in the blockchain gaming industry.

Firstly, there are currently a few large games being developed in the industry utilizing the new technology known as NFT token ownership.

Secondly, Light Nite a take on the Fortnite battle royal model uses NFT token ownership for in-game purchases and allows you to earn Bitcoin while playing. It’s currently in its alpha release with NFT features available.

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Gods Unchained Blockchain Gaming NFT tokens

Gods Unchained is another example of blockchain gaming NFT token technology being used to create value for gamers’ time spent collecting in-game content. Here is a card dueling game similar to the links of HearthStone and Magic the Gathering where users can collect decks of cards to battle out with opponents for blockchain gaming glory.

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